Thursday, January 1, 2015


Hey there!

So, you're probably wondering where I've moved to since the subject says that I've moved. Well, if you'd like to continue following me, my new link is The blog is no longer called Redefined. but To the Brim. 

So come on over and check me out over on WordPress! Can't wait for you all to join me there! And if you like what you see, please make sure you press the Follow button on the top of the page, and if you'd like to get an email whenever I post, you'll see a Follow Blog Via Email place on the right side of the blog and you can just click that button (if you have a WordPress account) or you can fill in your information and you'll start receiving emails!

Thank you so much for always following and reading while I was here on Blogger. On to WordPress! :D

luv ya!
Mishy (^^) <3